Comparison of PVC and POF heat shrinkable film
- Jul 31, 2018 -

In daily life, such as the production of books, packaging gift boxes, bottles and other manufacturers, these customers generally use PVC and POF heat shrinkable film for heat shrink packaging, but often in the choice, I do not know which way to choose better, Then some suggest a few small points.

In choosing the shrinking tool to modulate the temperature, if the temperature range of the machine is very wide for the same shrinking machine or shrinking furnace, then both can be used if the adjustable shrinkage temperature range of this machine is very Small, within 100 ° C, PVC heat shrinkable film is used because the temperature of the POF heat shrinkable film is 170-180 ° C.

In the absence of shrinking machine restrictions, for aesthetics, POF is the best choice for packaging higher-end items. Compared with PVC, POF packaging looks more transparent and the film is softer. There are sharp edges and thorns, while PVC itself has a yellowish or slightly blue color. It looks opaque after packaging and will feel brittle and hard after the package is finished, especially at low temperatures.

In terms of cost of selection, it is obvious that in terms of kilogram price, the price of PVC is much lower than that of POF heat shrinkable film. Many customers will choose PVC in this respect, but they do not consider the cost of accounting. , packaging the same items, because the proportion of PVC is much larger than the proportion of POF, calculate the cost of packaging one, the cost of a PVC can use up to 2 POF, so you can not choose which one to choose, which should be considered More comprehensive factors.


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