How to choose the right heat shrink film?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Heat shrinkable film can be seen everywhere in life. There are small batteries, cigarettes, food packaging, large trays, and equipments that are more than ten meters long. They are needed for packaging because the heat shrinkable film is easy to use and economical. It has become a ubiquitous packaging material in our lives. There are a variety of products on the market. If you choose a heat shrinkable film that suits you?

PE heat shrinkable film has good flexibility, impact resistance, large shrinkage, relatively low transparency, and shrinkage of pe: horizontal: 15%---30%, vertical: 50%----70%, shrinkage Temperature: 120 degrees - 180 degrees, thickness can be 0.02 - 0.12mm, suitable for alcohol, cans, mineral water and other beverages, as well as some large equipment heat shrink packaging.

POF heat shrinkable film has high transparency, beautiful shrinkage and high strength, which can protect the packaged product very well, but the thickness of pof is limited. The thickest can only be 3 filaments, and the thickness ranges from 0.012 to 0.03mm. Therefore, it is not suitable for the packaging of heavy products, and is suitable for packaging of daily necessities such as food, cosmetics, gift stationery, toys, etc. In addition, there is a requirement for the temperature of the shrinking machine. The general requirement for shrinkage temperature of 1.5 wire thickness is 140-150 degrees, and the requirement of 2 wires is 170 degrees or more, and the shrinkage effect is better.


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