POF environmental protection film is one of the most widely used heat shrinkable membranes
- Jul 31, 2018 -

POF environmental protection shrinkage film is the abbreviation of biaxial stretching polyolefin shrinkage film. It is the most widely used and rapidly developing new environmental protection shrinkage film in the world. The product adopts advanced bi directional stretching three layer melting and co extrusion special technology. Soft shrinkable film with high transparency, high shrinkage, high toughness, high heat sealing performance, antistatic, cold resistance, safety and reliability is produced. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, gifts, drugs, stationery, toys, audio and video products, electronics, wood products, plastic hardware, daily necessities and other industries, such as the external packaging and collective packaging. This product is suitable for semi-automatic or automatic shrink packaging machine.

Product advantage

1. the proportion of 1. cost is 0.92, the thickness is 0.012mm, the actual unit cost is low. The proportion of PE is 0.92, the thickness is thinner than 0.03, the actual unit cost is higher. The proportion of PVC is 1.4, the thickness is 0.02mm, the actual unit cost is higher.

2. POF is thin and toughened, the thickness is good, the texture is soft, the tensile strength is high, the tear strength is high, the shrinkage is adjustable. Because of the existence of LLDPE, the rubbing resistance is better. The PE is thick and toughened, the thickness is uniform, the moisture resistance is good and the texture is soft. The tear strength is lower than POF, but it is far higher than PVC, and the shrinkage is poor. The rubbing resistance is not as thick and crisp as POF. PVC. Uneven thickness, poor moisture resistance, hard and brittle texture, low strength, low shrinkage, poor rubbing resistance.

3. cold resistance and other physical property POF cold resistance is very good, -50 C is not hard and brittle, not easy to break, can be used in frozen food packaging. After contraction packaging, -50 C --95 C is stored for a long time, stable and stable. Static and anti fogging treatment, not easy to pollute the dust, and keep the product clean and bright.PE cold tolerance, in winter or after the freezing, not hard, not embrittlement, because the cold, not embrittlement, because The transportation is not easy to break. It has electrostatic elimination treatment, it is not easy to dye the dust, it can keep the product clean. The cold resistance of PVC is very bad, it will be brittle in winter or after the freezing, so it is easy to break in transportation. The longer the contraction package is, the more tight the contraction will be, the more the packaging is deformed. It is easy to stain the dust and make the product pollute.

4. processing performance POF processing process does not produce water or sticky on the sealing rod, easy maintenance and operation. High toughness, smoothness and rubbing resistance make it suitable for automatic packaging of high speed production line. PE process does not produce water, is not sticky on sealing rod, easy maintenance and operation. High Toughening, low kneading, can be used in higher speed production line from the high speed production line. Dynamic packaging. PVC processing will produce volatile, easy to cause mechanical damage, and easy to adhere to the sealing rod, inconvenient operation, difficult maintenance.

5. safety POF shrink packaging, four corners of the seal is soft, will not cut the hand, and also resistant to rubbing. After the contraction of PE, the sealing four angles are soft and will not cut the hands. After PVC contraction packaging, the four corners of the seal are hard and sharp, easily cut and bleeding.

6. environmental sanitation POF is non-toxic and does not produce toxic odor when processing. It meets the FDA and USDA standards of the United States. PE is non-toxic and does not produce toxic gases during processing. It conforms to FDA and USDA standards. PVC is toxic. It will produce odor and toxic gases during processing. It is gradually banned.


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