Shrinkage temperature of each thickness of POF shrinkage film
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The optimum shrinkage temperature of the POF shrinkage film of 0.015mm (1.5 wire) is about 150 C, the higher the shrinkage temperature is, the higher the shrinkage temperature of 0.02mm (2 wire) is, about 170 C.

It is worth noting that different seasons on the heat shrinker temperature adjustment is not the same, such as now the weather is colder, shrinkage temperature should be properly adjusted.

Also because different manufacturers of heating parts of the shrink machine, the actual heating effect is also different, some may not reach the adjustment temperature, this in the actual shrinkage should also be paid attention to. In order to achieve the best shrinkage effect, it is necessary to do a little bit of testing in practice, and gradually adjust the temperature and speed to the best.


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