The shrinkage rate of POF heat shrinkable bag is fast and high
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The conventional POF heat shrinkable bag is two fold, which can be expanded and expanded 2 times the width.

The bag can be used to package any products, environmental protection materials, for the packaging of tableware, food (such as cup, dairy products, etc.), cosmetics, electronic products and other external packaging. The transparency of the POF film is more beautiful, and the PVC film is relatively soft and tough, and the shrinkage temperature is relatively high.

It must be sealed by a sealing machine and then contracted by a shrinker or a high-power hot air gun to achieve the final effect.


Fast and high shrinkage, suitable for all kinds of shape and specification products for considerate packaging.

High transparency, good protection performance, dustproof, moisture-proof and anti odor erosion.

Light weight, strong toughness, uniform thickness, economical and practical.


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