Classification Of Shrink Film
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Shrink film is used in the sale and transportation of various products. Its main role is to stabilize, cover and protect the product. The shrink film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. The film does not create holes during shrinkage. Since the shrink film is often used outdoors, it is necessary to add a UV anti-UV agent. Includes OPS/PE/PVC/POF/PET shrink film

1) PE heat shrinkable film is widely used in the whole collection packaging of wine, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products. The product has good flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance, and is not easy to be damaged. Not afraid of tides, large shrinkage rate;

2) PVC film [1] has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss and high shrinkage;

3) POF has high gloss, good toughness, high tear strength, uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. POF is the meaning of heat shrinkable film. POF is a multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin heat shrinkable film. It uses linear low density polyethylene as the intermediate layer (LLDPE) and copolypropylene (pp) as the inner and outer layers. It is plasticized and extruded, and then processed by special processes such as die forming and bubble inflation.

4) OPS shrink film (oriented polystyrene) heat shrinkable film is a new type of ops heat shrinkable film packaging material that meets environmental protection requirements. OPS heat shrinkable film has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape and good gloss. Degree and transparency. It is easy to process, easy to color, good printing performance and high printing resolution. It is a material improvement for the trademarks that are constantly pursuing beautiful printing. Due to the high shrinkage and strength of the OPS film, it can be closely attached to various shapes of containers, so it can not only print beautiful patterns, but also meet the use of various novel packaging containers with different shapes. A non-toxic, tasteless, grease-resistant, food-sanitary film that allows designers to use eye-catching colors to achieve 360° label design, giving full play to creativity and imagination, allowing beverages and other products to be labeled The pattern in use is more vivid, highlighting the image on the shelf and creating an unexpected container effect.

5) Characteristics of PET heat-shrinkable polyester film: It is stable at normal temperature, shrinks when heated (above glass transition temperature), and is more than 70% heat shrinkage in one direction. The advantages of heat shrinkable polyester film packaging are: 1 body transparent, reflecting the image of the product. 2 tightly packed with good anti-scattering properties. 3 rain, moisture, mildew. 4 no recovery, there is a certain anti-counterfeiting function. Heat shrinkable polyester film is often used in the convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially shrinkage labels are its main application areas. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, beverage bottles such as cola, sprite, and various juices require PET heat shrinkable film to be used as a heat seal label. They are all polyester-based, environmentally friendly materials, and easy to recycle


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