Green Packaging First POF Environmental Thermal Shrinkable Film
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Green packaging will continue to be a consensus and trend in the development of the industry. It will be practiced and promoted in more packaging enterprises. At the same time, green packaging standards and system construction will also be more effective.

With the increasing environmental pressure around the world, the government's environmental protection supervision has been strengthened constantly. More and more cities will join the ranks of the charge for the emission of air pollutants; and the green packaging has become the embodiment of the soft strength of commercial competition, because of the awakening of green environmental awareness of consumers. In the new year, more enterprises will follow the principle of "4R1D" (low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycling, degradation), and accelerate R & D, application and promotion in green environmental materials, energy saving equipment, clean production technology, waste recycling and processing technology.


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