POF Heat Shrinkable Film Is Different From Other Packaging Films
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Heat shrinkable film is a kind of packaging for all kinds of products, playing an important stability, covering and protecting the function of the product. It has an important effect on the sale and transportation of the product. The shrinkable film has strong resistance to wear and contractility. It is closely attached to the appearance of the product during the contraction packaging process, that is, beautiful and convenient.

There are various types of heat shrinkable films, including POF heat shrinkable film, PVC shrinkage film, PE shrinkage film and so on. The different types of shrinkable films have different characteristics, which are reflected in the following three points, respectively.

PE shrinkage film: with excellent flexibility, tear resistance, shrinkage and other characteristics, suitable for wine, mineral water, various beverages and so on.

2, PVC film. With good transparency, good gloss and so on

3, POF heat shrinkable film is a kind of packaging film with high surface gloss, good flexibility, low carbon environmental protection and wide applicability. With the application of POF heat shrinkable film technology, POF heat shrinkable film gradually replaced other thin films and became a mainstream packaging film.

It is obvious that POF heat shrinkable film gradually becomes a mainstream packaging form, replacing the same kind of film, widely used in various packaging fields, providing convenience for people's life and has important influence significance.

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