POF On The Opening Direction Of The Folded Film
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Fully automatic shrink film machines are generally used for POF folding film. Many users often only pay attention to the quality of the film and the temperature of the machine when using the film on the folding film. It is easy to overlook another important problem, that is, the POF is folded in half. The opening direction of the film.

Recently, many customers have searched for POF on the folding film. When I asked about the opening direction of the film, many users felt very confused. I have never understood this piece.

In fact, when the POF is on the machine, the opening direction is divided into the positive direction and the reverse direction. Some are called the left opening and the right opening. Before ordering, the opening direction must be confirmed. Otherwise, no matter how good. The film is placed on the machine, and if the direction of the opening is reversed, the shrinking effect will be unsatisfactory.


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