What Are The Contraction Modes Of The Shrinking Film?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

There are many ways to shrink the shrink film. Which one to use depends on the amount of the user. Let's talk about several commonly used shrinkage methods.

The first and simplest way to shrink is to use a blower to blow the film after it has been heated. However, the temperature of a general household hair dryer is not easy to reach, and an industrial hair dryer can be used. However, this method is only suitable for several shrink films with low shrinkage temperature, such as PVC and PE shrink film.

The second type is a shrink film produced by hot water or hot steam to heat the shrink film.

The third is to use a heat gun. This method allows the film to reach a certain temperature in a short period of time and thus shrinks rapidly.

The first three are relatively simple and low-cost shrinkage methods, which are very suitable for some users who are not very strict in shrinking effect and who use less. However, some users who are engaged in professional packaging may consider shrinking furnaces or shrinking machines for heat shrink packaging. This can increase production efficiency and the effect after shrinkage is also ideal.


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